Queen + Adam Lambert To Rock Poland !!! Queen + Adam Lambert To Rock Poland !!!
The band official confirmed rumours of Q+AL gig in Poland !!!
Queen and teenager singer (finalist of American Idol) will play in 7th July at Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw.
Tickets for Rock In Wroclaw Festival are on sale from 1st May at www.ticketteam.pl

Currently Q+AL tour include:
3rd July, Moscow, Russia
7th July, Wroclaw, Poland
11th July, London, UK
12th July, London, UK

Powrot Invincible Queen Return of the 'Invincible Queen' Website !!!
I decided to put my fat ass on the chair and make a come back of the 'Invincible Queen' website.
This is a reaction to the great news of Queen's first gig in Poland in July, 2012.
Well, I don't tolerate Queen's collaboration with Adam Lambert but I'm happy 'cause my idols will rocking Polish fans.
The band couldn't play during the last Cosmos Rocks Tour in 2008 as Q+PR, so I hope that no-one can stop them this time.

I'm so sorry to leave this website for some months. I appologize to make good my work here again.

65. Urodziny Freddiego Freddie's 65th Birthdays !
Happy birthdays Freddie !
We miss you. Have a great party tonight !


Stormtroopers In Stilettos Stormtroopers In Stilettos Single
Queen released their new single called 'Stormtroopers In Stilettos'.
Single features two Queen old song - Keep Yourself Alive (Long Lost Version) and first song written by Queen - Stone Cold Crazy.
All tracks have new 2011 remaster by Bob Ludwig.
Single is available at iTunes since 27th February, 2011.

'Stormtroopers In Stilettos' has been added to Queen's discography at 'Singles 1993-Today/Other'.

Anthems Tour Anthems Tour
Great news for Kerry Ellis and Brian May fans.
Musicians are going to rock UK with their Anthems Tour to promote Kerry's solo album 'Anthems' released in 2010.
On 1st May they will hit famous Royal Albert Hall in London with two gigs this day !
'Anthems Tour' starts on 3rd May till 21st May, 2011 with gigs
3rd May 2011 - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
5th May 2011 - Gateshead Sage
6th May 2011 - Sheffield City Hall
8th May 2011 - Nottingham Royal Centre
9th May 2011 - Birmingham Symphony Hall
11th May 2011 - Edinburgh Festival Theatre
12th May 2011 - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
14th May 2011 - Cardiff St. David’s Hall
16th May 2011 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall
18th May 2011 - Milton Keynes Theatre
19th May 2011 - Southend Cliffs Pavilion
21st May 2011 - Bath Forum

Defying Gravity G-A-Y Mix Kerry Ellis - Defying Gravity G-A-Y Mix
On 20th March fan can buy mix of Defying Gravity from Kerry's album 'Anthems'.
Single will be release as psyhically CD and download single.

CD Single Tracklist:
Defying Gravity G-A-Y Mix (Edit)
Defying Gravity G-A-Y Mix
Defying Gravity

Download Single:
Defying Gravity G-A-Y Mix (Edit)
Defying Gravity G-A-Y Mix

Deep Cuts - Tracklist Deep Cuts - Tracklist
We know that Universal Music will re-release first wave of five Queen's studio albums
But that's not all we know. It will be compilation album also.
It won't be another 'Greatest Hits' but compilation of tracks never released on 'the best of' form.
Propably Brian and Roger decided to make a compilation album with tracks that could be eventually singles in the past.
Finally album will include 14 tracks. Tracklist is available at: 'Discography/Queen/Compilations/Deep Cuts 1973-1976'.

Nowa Odslona Strony Queen Official Queen Website - New Site
Queen fans have new design of the official Queen website in the well know adress: www.queenonline.com
Not only design has been changed. Short bios of original Queen members and complete discography are new.
Discography (close to complete) and interviews are also included.

STORMTROOPERS IN STILETTOS Stromtroopers In Stilettos Single
Stromtroopers In Stilettos - amazing exhibition of early Queen years starts in London on 25th February. Island Records decided to release download single to promote exhibition two days later - 27th February.
Single will include two tracks - Keep Yourself Alive (Long Lost Retake) and Stone Cold Crazy.
On April will release limited edition on 7" in 2000 copies only as part of National Record Store Day.
More informations at official exhibition website: www.stormtroopersinstilettos.com

Aktualizacja First Update in 2011
I know that many good things have happened in Queen world.
Band announcement details of their five studio albums re-releases.
I promise you'll be able to get all fresh news here.

Queen's first five albums updates are available at the 'Discography/Queen/Studio Albums' section.

Aktualizacja All The Best in 2011
I wish you all the best things with Queen in 2011.
Let's hope that band will do only good steps with 40th anniversary celebrations.
We all need excellent re-releases of Queen back catalouge and some new stuffs with Queen mark.

Remember that 31st December is the very last with EMI contract. Tomorrow Queen will join Universal Music.

Queen's Plans Unofficial Release Plans of Queen in 2011 and 2012
Thanks to my friend Daga and her queen1991.blog.pl fans are to know unofficial Queen's release plans in 2011 and 2012 with Universal Music.
03.01.2011: re-release of Greatest Hits I and Greatest Hits II (remastered with new informations in booklet)
14.03: re-release Queen's album from Queen to A Day At The Races. All track will be release at the Royal Edition 1973-1976 box also
06.06: re-release of Platinum Collection and Queen albums from News Of The World to Hot Space. Royal Edition 1977-1982 will be release too
05.09: re-release of albums from The Works to Made In Heaven and last part of Royal Edition 1984-1995
14.11: release of Queen Forever as 1 CD and 2 CD. No informations of this album
12.03.2012: re-releases of all Queen's live albums

All Queen's studio albums will be release as 1 CD and 2 CD forms. 2CD will include bonus 5 tracks and audio commentary of Brian and Roger to all songs.

Update Update
Set list of Collars and Coats charity gig with SAS Band and Queen, Roger Dartley and Patti Russo is available at 'Set Lists 2000-Today/2010-Today'.
Two new Queen's demos have been added to 'Download' section.

Have a great time on Invincible Queen website !

Freddie Freddie
What more can I write here ... ?
It's very sadly 19th anniversary of Freddie's death
We miss you Freddie !

Rock Gala 2010 Queen + Roger Dartley
It can be very interesting Queen's collaboration tomorrow.
Brian, Roger and legendary The Who singer - Roger Dartley will join forces during SAS Band charity gig.

Guys performed together in 1992 at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and Roger Taylor's wedding party in 2010.

Rock Gala 2010 Amazing Queen Set
I'm really jalousy of Queen fans which had been at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2010.
Brian and Roger performed two tracks never played live since original Queen line-up tours.
Those were 'It's A Hard Life' (Tom Chaplin on lead vocals) and 'Seven Seas Of Rhye' (Midge Ure on lead vocal).
Last song of the night was WWRY with all performers singing chorus.

Full list of Queen's set list you'll find in'Set Lists 2000-Today>2010-Today' section

Update Update
Finally we got a little update.
- 'My Collection' has been updated with some CD singles and 'The Singles Collection vol. 3'.
- 'Set Lists 2000-Today' has got new site '2010-Today' which includes all Queen's gigs of 2010.

On Monday you'll see some new track in 'Download' section.

Rock Gala 2010 Prince's Trust Rock Gala Gig
Brian and Roger will join their forces to perfort at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala tonight.
It's second time that all proceeds from the concert are going to The Trust to invest in the futures of many disadvantaged young people, giving them the chance to realise their potential and succeed in life.
The first gig with rock/pop musicians had place on 6th June of 1988. That time Brian and John performed together only in one song - 'The Letter' with Joe Cocker.
Tonight Roger with Brian will play some Queen classics. Other artists are: Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Tom Jones, Status Quo, Mike & The Mechanics and many more.

Gig will be broadcast at the Sky 3D only.

Film o Freddiem Hollywood will make film of Freddie Mercury
Queen fans were long waiting for that news !
The film (there's no title at the moment) will be filmed and released in 2011.
Producers are: GK Fims with partnership of Tribeca Productions and Queen Films. Screenwriter is Peter Morgan. We don't know who will be directed that film at the moment.
You should note that Sacha Baron Cohen (better knows as Borat) will play Freddie Mercury !
Queen music will be used for that film.

Kerry Kerry Ellis - Anthems
On 13th September has been released debiut album of Kerry Ellis called 'Anthems'.
Kerry played Meat in first cast wave of Queen's 'We Will Rock You' musical in London.
LP has been produced by Brian May who plays also on guitars, bass, piano, keyboard and bv's.
'Athems' has 13 tracks with Taylor Hawkins, Rufus Taylor and Roger Taylor on drums.

Singles Collection Singles Collection 4
Fourth and last part of Queen's Singles Collection will release on 18th October, 2010.
Collection will include with 13 CDs packed in paper sleeve.
This volume starts with The Miracle (1989) and finish all four box sets with Under Pressure (Rah Mix) single from 1999.
Propably 'Singles Collection Vol 4' is last release of Queen with EMI.
Band will sign new contract with Universal Music in 2010.

John Freddie For A Day - Birthday's Party In Katowice
You must be there !
Poland joins 'Freddie For A Day' with Freddie's birthday party in Katowice.
Many fans will dress like Freddie and take part of disco with Queen and Freddie Mercury songs and listen to Brighton Rock solo by Lukasz Kufa.
I invite you to 'Scena Gugalander' club on Jagiellońska 17a St. in Katowice.
Start at 10 pm.

John Happy Birthday John !
Well ... still the youngest member of 'old' Queen celebrates his 59 birthdays.
We miss you John and believe you'll join Brian and Roger on stage or studio works one day ... dreaming ...
Hope you're fine with your family somewhere in the UK.

Third Wave Of Remastered Queen's LP Albums Third Wave Of Remastered Queen's LP Albums
On 30th August, 2010 Queen are going to release their another LP albums with EMI label.
Third wave of remastered on heavy height vinyls are 'Made In Heaven', 'Hot Space' and 'The Game'
I guess that Queen fans are waiting for last Queen album with Freddie on board - Made In Heaven because it's hard to buy this album as original 1995 vinyl release.
Fourth wave will be released later this year according to Queenonline.com

The 8th Freddie Mercury’s Montreux Memorial Day The 8th Freddie Mercury’s Montreux Memorial Day
The 8th Freddie Mercury’s Montreux Memorial Day will take place from Friday evening September 3rd until Sunday afternoon 5th September.
Same format as last year. It will be FREE. Come over and enjoy a fantastic week-end. Peter Freestone will open the event under the market place.
We have secured the presence of « The Barcelona Project » from Norway. Just imagine about 35 singers and musicians on stage performing a few meters away from Freddie’s statue or 'Dragon Attack' the Italian Queen coverband live next to Freddie’s statue with a unique show.
Queen Alive are back for the second time and The Royal Squeeze Box from Germany will assurely blow your mind!
To close the event, Lucie Halamikova with her keyboard will perform some less well known Queen songs by the statue where a few stalls will be installed and serve drinks and food to all fans.
You will be able to take boat trips to the Lake House or 'Tea at the Palace' 'with Peter Freestone.

All details are on our website www.montreuxmusic.com and we hope to meet you from all over the world. See you guys. Team montreuxmusic

Brian and Roger at Prince's Trust Rock Gala Brian And Roger At 'Prince's Trust Rock Gala'
On 17th November Brian and Roger will perform at 'Prince's Trust Rock Gala' in Royal Albert Hall in London.
It's hard to say that Bri and Rog will rock the stage as solo artists or as Queen.
During 'Prince's Trust Rock Gala' you'll see also: Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Status Quo and many more !
Unfortunally there's no chance to buy tickets at the moment.

Urodziny Briana i Rogera Brian's and Roger's Birthdays !
In July two Queen's members celebrates their birthdays.
Today we salute to mr. drummer - Roger Taylor (61 years old).
On 19th July, Brian finished 63 birthdays.

Personally, I wish you all the best in your lives guys and some great musical experiences (not only as Queen).

Rockmos Q+PR: Rockmos !
Q+PR's fans will have new superb photobook by Thilo Rahn soon !
'Rockmos' includes hundreds high quality photos from Q+PR's 2005-2006 and 2008 tours, forewords by Roger and Paul, Thilo's stories from gigs that he joined tours and more.
Note that 'Rockmos !' is the only authorised book by Queen + Paul Rodgers !
More informations and orders at: www.queenphotobook.com oraz: www.rockmos.de

IX Ogolnopolski Zlot Fanow Queen IX Official Polish Queen Fans Convention
After two years of break Zbyszek Kaminski will organize Polish Queen Fans Convention again !
Fans will celebrates Queen music in Bratian near to Nowe Miasto Lubawskie on 23rd - 25th July, 2010.
All informations and annoucements are on Zbyszek's website www.zbyszqueen.cba.pl
and Polish Queen message board: www.forum.queen.pl

Queen Opuszcza EMI Queen Leaves EMI
Queen leaves EMI Music after 40 years !
Band will confirm that news in the end of 2010
Probably Queen will sing new contract with Universal

Brillant Queen On Taylor Hawkins Gig Brillant Queen On Taylor Hawkins Gig
It was wonderful night in London ...
Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders invited Brian and Roger for The Scala Club gig.
Guys played some great Queen tracks on 11th May of 2010:
- Your Shoes (Roger on bv's and Rufus on drums)
- I'm In Love With My Car (Roger on vocal and drums)
- Long Away (Brian - vocal)
- Sleepin' On The Sidewalk (Brian - vocal)
- Tenement Funster (Roger - vocal)
- Way Down (Brian - bv's)
Brian and Roger performed as Queen on 'I'm In Love With My Cars', 'Long Away', 'Sleeping on The Sidewalk' and 'Tenement Funster'.
You should note that Queen never performed 'Long Away' and 'Tenement Funster' live before !

This same night Brian and Roger rocked final on 8th Anniversary of WWRY Musical with 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
Roger wraz z Brianem zagrali jako Queen w utworach od 'I'm In Love With My Car' do 'Tenement Funster'.

No Roger's Box Set In 2010 No Roger's Box Set In 2010
Roger aswered for many questions sent by Queen fans from the official Queen message board.
We know what Queen's drummer doing now and what plans he has.
Unfortunally Boxset with rare and new songs planned for 2010 is posponed for 2012 at the moment.
'Twin Taylor Tour' with Hawkins won't be big tour. Probably it will be one or some gigs with songs from Roger, Queen, classic rock catalogue.
Hopefully fans shoud wait for 'the best of' compilation disc but we must wait for confirmation.
For read Roger Taylor's answers on the Queen message board click here.

Singles Collection Box Set Vol 3 The Singles Collection Box Set Vol. 3
On 31st May of 2010 Queen will release their third part of Queen's singles collection.
It will be the most exciting part for Queen's fans.
You'll get some rare singles such as 'Thank God It's Christmas', 'One Year Of Love' and mixed 'Pain Is So Close To Pleasure' and interesting b-side tracks: 'Blurred Vision', 'A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling', 'Stealin', 'My Life Has Been Saved'89' and 'Hijack My Heart'.
You should got it into your Queen collection !
Tracklist of 'The Singles Collection Box Set Vol. 3' is here.

We Will Rock You Vote For 'We Will Rock You' !
You're able to vote for 'We Will Rock You' musical for Laurence Olivier Award.
Other musical included for this award are: Wicked, Billy Elliot, The Phantom Of The Opera and War Horse.
To vote click here. Voting closes at 17:00 on 17th March 2010. 14.02.2010

Sad 2010 Sad 2010
Very sad 2010 has been begun for all Queen fans.
On 1st January has gone Jim Hutton.
Jim was Freddie's civil partner from 1980's till Fred passed away.
He lost his battle with cancer and died in his house in Carlow.
Rest In Peace with Freddie ...

Updates Updates
It's last update of 2009.
I will make a little summary of 2009 in next - last week of December. So now it's time for updates !

- Set Lists 2000-Today / Concerts 2009 - performances in Edinburgh (WWRY Musical ) and in London (X-Factor).
- Discography/Roger Taylor/Singles - new mini site with Roger's brand new single: The Unblinking Eye'
- Dyskografia/Queen/Singles 1993-Todat/Other - new single of Queen with The Muppets 'Bohemian Rhapsody' has been added.
- My Collection/CD Albums - Absolute Greatest (2 CD + A4 Book)
- My Collection/CD Singles - We Will Rock You (The Sun Promo Free CD)
- My Collection/SP Singles - The Miracle 7", Innuendo 12" and You Don't Fool Me 12"
- Download - two new tracks: Coming Soon (DVD Audio Version) and Stealin' (12 minutes long demo version !).

I wish you great time at Invincible Queen Website and ofcourse great Christmas time ... have a great gifts :)

Paul Rodgers Paul's 60th Birthdays !
Paul has celebrated his 60th birthdays two days before.
He was working and touring with Queen in 2004 - 2008. Queen have confirmed end of collaboration In late of 2009
I wish you all the best, great gigs (with Bad Company), albums, another marriage with Queen, and love, love and more of love.
Happy birthdays Paul !

Made In Heaven Vinyl Re-release Series - Part 3
Third part of remastered vinyls will be released on 25th January, 2010.
We'll get three Queen's studio albums: The Game, Hot Space and Made In Heaven.
I guess that MIH LP will be on the top of fans because the 1995's original version is rare and very hard to buy.
You can pre-order these albums of Queen's store website at the moment.

The Unblinking Eye The Unblinkig Eye on CD !
Queen's Official Website confirmed 'The Unblinking Eye' limited edition single on CD !
There's no more informations of this release but I guess we'll be able to buy it at Queen store website.
More news coming soon ...

Q+Muppets The Muppets Rhapsody
I guess that nobody believed that will happen ...
Most watched on youtube The Muppets 'Bohemian Rhapsody' cover has been released as digital single on iTunes.
The track of this song was recorded by Queen in 1975 for their 4th studio album called 'A Night At The Opera'.
Brian and Roger decided to share their original tapes for this very interesting version.
You can watch Queen + The Muppets on youtube.com !

Teraz Rock Roger's Interview In Teraz Rock
In December's Teraz Rock Polish magazin you'll find Michal Kirmuc's interview with Queen's drummer Roger Taylor.
Roger talks about Q+PR's end, Queen's tracks like 'Innuendo', Radio Ga Ga', 'Ride The Wild Wind' and more.
He also got news of Queen's future, his new track 'The Unblinking Eye' and Muse.
Of course we got some informations of Queen's new compitation album called 'Absolute Greatest'.
You can find 'AG' review also here.

Absolute Greatest 'AG' Chart Positions Worldwide
Below is list of worldwide chart positions of new Queen compilation album 'Absolute Greatest'.
UK: 3
Ireland: 9
Norway: 10
New Zealand: 12
Portugal: 14
Switzerland: 15
Australia: 18
Czech Republic: 23
Germany: 23
Japan: 23
Hong Kong: 24
Italy: 32
Spain: 36
Holland: 40
Belgium: 80

Freddie ...
Heavenly Freddie passed away 18 years ago.
On this day fans around the World are going to places where Freddie spent his time. I mean Montreux and Garden Lodge in London.
Many special conventions and fans meeting are planning this week - for example in Poland (Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk).
Freddie we are thinkin' about you and we won't let your music die.
We miss you ...

'The Unblinking Eye (Everythin' Is Broken)' Out Today
Finally you can buy new brillant song on: www.queenonlinestore.com
It costs 0,99 GBP only.

Official promo video has been released too
To watch this video click here

Absolute Greatest Absolute Greatest no 3 in UK !
Really good news from Great Britain.
On the Top 100 Albums Charts 'AG' reached no 3 in first week.
'AG' saled on 102522 copies since Monday actually.
Other results of worldwide charts: Australia - 18, New Zealand - 13, Ireland - 9

Queen + Paul Rodgers: It's Over
Collaboration of Queen band and Paul Rodgers has been finished.
Roger in the interview with Thomas Zeidler said that Q+PR is over because of Brian and Paul differences.
Q+PR performed first time on 11th November, 2004 and played last concert on 29th November, 2008.
They recorded studio album 'The Cosmos Rocks' (2008), released live albums 'Return Of The Champions' (2005), 'Live In Ukraine' (2009) and released live DVD's: 'Return Of The Champions' (2005), 'Super Live In Japan' (2006), 'Live In Ukraine' (2009).
Personally I loved that collaboration. Thanks to them I met my wife, seen my music heroes, told with Paul in Berlin.
Thank you Brian, Roger and Paul for all fantastic memories with yours European tours 2005 and 2008 that I enjoined. You' ve made people happy
Hope you'll join your forces in the future

'The Unblinking Of The Eye (Everythin' Is Broken)' Coming Soon !
We know date of release of new Roger's single since 11 years.
'The Unblinking Of The Eye (Everythin' Is Broken)' will be able to buy on Monday (23rd November) on Official Queen Online Store website as mp3 file. Enter queenonlinestore.com soon !
On QOL website you can read Roger's commentary of new track

Absolute Greatest W Sprzedazy Queen's 'Absolute Greatest' Out Now !
New Queen's 'Absolute Greatest' compilation album is on sale from Monday.
AG have 20 greatest Queen song taken from 'Queen II' to 'Made In Heaven' albums.
You can buy following versions of AG:
- Standard CD
- 2 CD (Absolute Greatest i Absolute Naravite)
- 2 CD + Book
- 3 LP
The 3 LP, 2 CD and 2 CD + book have special code to enter bonus videos of Queen's live performances from 70's and 80's.
According to unofficial news 'AG' have sold on 25,000 copies at the moment.

New Taylor's Song New Rogera Taylor's Song
New RMT track will be release soon !
'The Unblinking Of The Eye (Everythin' Is Broken)' is the first song from the session that Taylor said on the video message during 24th Queen Convention in UK.
This is a protest song of UK's army on war in Afghanistan.
You'll be able to but the track on iTunes and Queenonlinestore.com website.
Taylor plans to tour UK in March of 2010.

All You Need Is Love 'All You Need Is Love' Charity Single Out Today !
You're able to buy your copy of 'All You Need Is Love' charity singles with Brian May support.
All profits from sales go to 'Children In Need' fundation account.
On YouTube.com you can watch video includes Brian.
Originally track was recorded by The Beatles.

Absolute Greatest Promo Single Absolute Greatest Promo Single
EMI Italy will release 'We Will Rock You' promo single for 'Absolute Greatest'.
Limited Edition single will be go on sale on 15th November for Italian fans only in Milan at the 'Absolute Greatest Event'.
Profits will benefit The Mercury Phoenix Fundation.
01 We Will Rock You (Album Version) (May)
02 We Will Rock You (Live Killers Fast Version) (May)
03 We Will Rock You (Live Magic Version) (May)
04 We Will Rock You (Rick Rubin Remix) (May)
05 We Will Rock You (Live Killers Slow Version) (May)

Another Charity Single With Brian Another Charity Single With Brian
Brian was able to record his Red Special tunes for Children In Need charity single.
You'll hear it on The Beatles classic track 'All You Need Is Love'.
The charity band are also: Nick Mason (ex Pink Floyd), Peter Gabriel, Bryan Ferry and Bill Wyman.
Single produced by Adrian Chivers and will be relese for Christmas.

Brian Recorded For Charity Brian Recorded For Charity
Brian recorded his guitar parts for charity single of 'I Am A Woman' for Breast Cancer.
During the session in Abbey Road Studio were also: Neil Murray on bass (well-known from Brian's solo tours and Queen's performance at Pavarotti And Friend concert in Modena, Italy in 2003), Anna-Jane Casey (sing as Meat on first cast of WWRU Musical), Mazz Murray (Killer Queen from first cast of WWRY), Kerry Ellis (Queen recorded with her new version of No-One But You and sung on 'Wicked In Rock' EP, produced and recored by Brian) and Gina Murray (Mazz's sister).
The tracks was produced by Steve Sidwell and Brian.

Updates Updates
Welcome in October !
This time I've updated and make a new selection of albums on site 'Discography/Queen'.
There you'll find new pages of albums: studios, live, compilations and boxset. Now you can touch all Queen's albums released as I wrote.
I've add two new albums there also. 'The Best Of' released in Poland in 1980 (Compilations) and 'Rock You' free promo CD released to 'The Mail On Sunday' newspaper in 2009 (Live Albums) includes 'Live Killers' and Original Cast of 'We Will Rock You' Musical.
Have a great time with InvincibleQueen website !

Pre-Order Absolute Greatest Pre-Order Absolute Greatest
Finally you are able to pre-order new Queen's compilation album on QOLStore !
'Absolute Greatest' will be release on 16th November (EU) and 17th November (USA)
All four formats prices are:
- Album Version (1 CD): 9,99 GB,
- Special Edition (2 CD): 14,99 GB,
- Special Edition (2 CD + Book): 29,99 GB,
- Vinyl (3 LP): 49,99 GB.
Special Edition (2 CD) includes audio commentary of Brian and Roger to all tracks from 1 CD.
Book Version includes book with memorabilias, hand written lirycs and rare photos.
'Absolute Greatest' tracklist is here.

After Honeymoon ... After Honeymoon ...
Hi 'IQ' Friends !
It's shame that IQ wasn't update during last month.
I get married with my long time girlfriend (she's Queen fan also) on Freddie's birthdays anniversary.
Some Queen fans were with us and we rocked party with some Queen tracks !
Later we started our honeymoon with many stops in Prague, Munich, Losanna, Avignon, Blanes and in return trip Lyon, Mannheim.
Of course we were in Montreux visiting front door of Mountain Studio and Freddie's statue. We got many photos that I'll share on this website.
We were listening 'Barcelona' song during 'Magic Fountain' show on The Montjuic hill. It was amazing feeling to listen Freddie and image that he was stood on stage.
It was amazing time in our lives and we're happy married Queen fans now.

Updates Updates
Hello !
I've made a little update:
1 New album 'Absolute Greatest' tracklist has been added to 'Discography/Queen/Albums 1986-Today'
2 Iommi's 'Goodbye Lament' single with Dave Grohl and Brian May is online at 'Discography/Brian May/Singles'
3 'Set Lists 2000-Today/2008-2009' has been updated
4 Performance of Queen at 'WWRY Musical' has been added to 'Concerts/2009'
5 New items on 'My Collection':
- CD Albums: Freddie Mercury 'The Freddie Mercury Album'
- CD Singles: Queen 'I'm Going Slightly Mad', 'Headlong'
- SP Singles: Queen 'Mustapha', 'Under Pressure (Rah Mix), Roger Taylor/The Cross 'Cowboys And Indians'

Ultimate Guitar Zeus Brian On New Carmine Appice Album
New compilation album of drummer Carmine Appice with famous guitarists will be release soon.
'Ultimate Guitar Zeus' features one song with Brian May called 'Black White House'.
You'll be able to listen other collaboration tracks including guitars of Slash, Jennifer Batten, Zakk Wylde, Bruce Kulick and Richie Sambora.

VIII Zlot Fanow Queen VIII th Polish Queen Fans Convention in Warsaw Starts Tomorrow
It's time to start best weekend of Polish Queen fans.
This weekend (Friday-Sunday) you should be part of VIII Polish Queen Fans Convention in Warsaw.
Programm and information of localization has been announcement at and InvincibleQueen's 'Community/VIII Polish Queen Fans Convention' section.
Hope you'll join us !

Live In Ukraine 'Live In Ukraine' Awarded
Q+PR's latest release has been awarded at the Austrian Music Film Festival - Rockin' Music.
'Grand Prix Of Styria' has been given to 'Live In Ukraine' by international jury.
You shoud know that festival was organized by Rudi Dolezal - longtime Queen's promo videos director.

Brian's 62th Birthdays Brian's 62th Birthdays !
Happy birthday Brian !
Queen's guitarist celebrates his 62th birthdays today.
I wish you many new, great songs and I hope that all your dream will come true. Take care Brian !

VIII Zlot Fanow Queen VIII th Polish Queen Fans Convention in Warsaw - Official Programm
Not in Torun, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, neighter Trzebnica ... it's Warsaw - the official capitol of VIIIth Queen Fans Convention in Poland.
PFQ (Polish Queen Fan Club) board decided to organizate this Queen's celebrations in Poland on 24th-26th July of 2009.
Programm has been added to 'Community/VIII Polish Queen Fans Convention' section.
W dziale 'Fani/VIII Zlot Fanow Queen' znajdziecie oficjalny program zlotu ogloszony przez PFQ.

Live In Ukraine 'Live In Ukraine' At No 2!
Great news from British DVD Music Charts.
Q+PR's 'Live In Ukraine' reached no 2 at first week after release.
Anvil's 'The Story Of' is no 1 at the moment but this release shouldn't be part of music DVD charts.
By the way ... Conratulations for great debut of 'LIU'.

Live In Ukraine 'Live In Ukraine' Out Now !
Queen + Paul Rodgers have released their new album (let's how that story doesn't came to the end) called 'Live In Ukraine'.
The album was recorded during free gig for fighting with AIDS on Freedom Square, Kharkov, Ukraine last year.
You can watch 28 powerful tracks like The Show Must Go On, I Want It All, Bad Company, C-lebrity, Bohemian Rhapsody, Cosmos Rockin' and lovely All Right Now, WWRY and WATC.
Unfortunally band decided to cut this release with Radio Ga Ga, Wishing Well and A Kind Of Magic.
Let there be the rock'n'roll !

Brian I Def Leppart Def Leppart Re-releases
Def Leppart's re-releases with 'Deluxe Edition' 2CD out now !
The second discs includes Def Leppart and Queen's Brian May collaboration on two tracks.
Pyromania's second disc features cover version of Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Travellin' Band' and on 'Adrenalize' album Brian joined Def Leppart on Queen's classic 'Now I'm Here' live version.

Updates Updates
- New look of 'Community' section is the biggest update.
- 'Concerts 2005-2008' page has been updated.
- 'Set Lists 2000-Today/Q+PR 2008' includes all 2008 set lists !
- 'Download' has new two Roger's tracks !
- 'Live In Ukraine' (Discography/Q+PR/DVD) and'The Singles Collection Box Set 2' (Dyskografia/Queen/Other Albums) have been updated.
- 'History 2001-Today/2007-Today' updated with news 'till 2009

'Gallery' will be on line soon. You can see 'Tour'08' photos only at the moment.
Polish Queen Fans Convention'09 program will be published shortly.

Live In Ukraine 'Live In Ukraine' Widget On InvincibleQueen
I have decided to paste 'Live In Ukraine' widget on main page of InvicibleQueen website.
The widget includes following aplications: 'Video' (a trailer of new 'Q+PR' live DVD), 'Audio' (six promo audio tracks taken from CD release) and 'Photos' (with official photos from Kharkov's gig).
I will erase widget after some months.

The Singles Collection Box Set 2 The Singles Collection Website Updated
Queen have updated their 'The Singles Collection' Website.
Let's enter www.queensinglesbox.com and join new 'Box Set 2' section !
All 13 CD's tracks are available to listen including rare B-sides: 'A Human Body', 'Soul Brother' and 'I Go Crazy'.
'A Human Body' and 'I Go Crazy' were never released on 5" CD formats.

Live In Ukraine Install 'Live In Ukraine' Widget
QueenOnLine published 'Live In Ukraine' widget at http://www.clearspring.com/widgets/4a1bac497b0def47 website.
You can install it on your PC, mobile phone or copy link and paste on your website.
The 'Live In Ukraine' widget has photo gallery, six audio tracks and trailer of Q+PR's Kharkov gig.
Q+PR's 'Live In Ukraine' will be released on 15th June 2009.
You'll be able to buy this release in four formats:
- digital audio file (download)
- DVD + 2CD
- DVD + 2CD + T-shirt from Kharkov's gig

Updates Updates
Some new pages have been added to 'InvincibleQueen' website !
- 'Set List 2000-Today' has new '2008-2009' page including Queen's live performances with various artists.
- 'Concerts' have got '2009' page with two performaces at the moment.
- 'My Collection/CD Albums' has been updated also. You'll find two new items there.

You should notice that 'Download' section will be updated shortly with another rare Queen's songs.

Have a great time at 'InvincibleQueen' Website !

46664 46664: Brian And Roger Hands
Brian's and Roger's hands joined 46664 memorablias auction at www.euroleagueauction.com
Framed photos have been signed by Brian and Roger.
You can bidding these photos till tomorrow only !
The money from the auction will donate the 46664 Nelson Mandela Foundation account.

American Idol Queen On Americal Idol
Queen were on the special guest at the 'Americal Idol' final show last tuesday.
Brian and Roger performed classic Queen's hit 'We Are The Champions' with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.
The winner of the 8th American's Idol is Kris Allen.

Eminem Eminem sampled Q+PR !
Queen and Eminem relationships are alive !
On the new Eminem's album 'Elapse' you can listen sampled 'Reaching Out' by Q+PR in 'Beautiful' song.
'Reaching Out' was open song at Q+PR tours in 2005 and 2006.
Q+PR used Eminem track 'Lose Yourself' before 'Reaching Out' at the same tours also.

Free Queen CD Queen's Vinyl Re-release Date Change
Unfortunally the second wave of vinyls re-release has been changed.
The classic Queen's albums: Queen, News Of The World, Flash Gordon OST, A Kind Of Magic and Innuendo will be released on 6th July, 2009.
You can order these albums at the QOL shop: www.queenonlinestore.com

Aktualizacja Download Updated
In 'Download' section you'll find two demo tracks of Roger Taylor.
These songs have been recorded during Taylor's second solo session of 'Strange Frontier' album in 1984.
Tracks in Download:
- Can't Get You Out Of My Head
- Keep On Running

Return Of The Champions Gazeta Wyborcza's Queen Collection Part 24: Return Of The Champions Vol. 2
The last part of Queen collection released by Polish 'Gazeta Wyborcza' newspaper has been released this day.
Queen's collection has been completed with Queen+Paul Rodgers live album 'Return Of The Champions' volume 2.
Beside of descriptions about songs from second disc of 'ROTC' you can find informations about Queen's awards and works since 2002, when Queen with Ben Elton started 'We Will Rock You' Musical shows in London's Dominion Theatre and continue till these days.
Unfortunally there's no informations of Queen's tracks for 46664 fundation and 46664 gigs with Queen.
Hope that Queen's collection will be complete with three new parts in the future.
Fans didn't get live album 'Rock Montreal' (two parts) and last studio album with Paul Rodgers - 'The Cosmos Rocks' released in September,2008.
(C) 2009 MJK

Free Queen CD Free Queen CD
On Sunday (26th April) 'The Mail On Sunday' will release free CD with Queen tracks.
Queen have never released free CD with collaboration with newspaper before.
Brian and Roger decided to produce this first ever free CD with Queen's live tracks and tracks taken from 'We Will Rock You' Musical Cast album.
Queen's live tracks have been released originally on 'Live Killers' album in 1979.

Tracklisting of 'Killer Queen Live' free CD:
1 We Will Rock You (Fast Version) (Live)
2 Let Me Entertain You (Live)
3 Killer Queen (Live)
4 Bicycle Race (Live)
5 I'm In Love With My Car (Live)
6 Get Down, Make Love (Live)
7 Now I'm Here (Live)
8 '39 (Live)
9 Keep Yourself Alive (Live)
10 Don't Stop Me Now (Live)

'We Will Rock You' Musical Cast Album tracks:
11 Somebody To Love (Live)
12 I Want To Break Free (Live)
13 A Kind Of Magic (Live)
14 No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) (Live)

Updates Updates
Queen are going to release two new albums: 'Live In Ukraine' and 'Singles Collection Box Set 2'.
You can read some details of these releases now !
Just join 'Discography' section and enter to 'Q+PR/DVD' to see Kharkov's DVD tracklisting or join 'Singles Collection Vol. 2' selecting 'Queen/Albums Other' at 'Discography' section.

Some new items have been added to 'My Collection' pages.
You can find new volumes of Gazeta Wyborcza's Queen Collection, 7" singles of Freddie, Brian, Roger and Queen of course!
Have a great time at InvincibleQueen!

The Singles Collection Box Set 2 The Singles Collection Box Set 2
On 15th June, Queen's fans will find in music shops two new releases !
First release is Queen + Paul Rodgers gig in Kharkov named 'Live In Ukraine'.
Another release is Queen's The Singles Collection Box Set 2.
13 CDs reproduced to original 7" singles released in 1979 - 1984 in UK will be included in this release.
List of CDs:
CD 1:
01Love Of My Life (Live)
02 Now I'm Here (Live)

CD 2:
01 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
02 We Will Rock You (Live)

CD 3:
1.Save Me
2.Let Me Entertain You (Live)

CD 4:
1.Play The Game
2.A Human Body

CD 5:
1.Another One Bites The Dust
2.Dragon Attack

CD 6:
2.Football Fight

CD 7:
1.Under Pressure
2.Soul Brother

CD 8:
1.Body Language
2.Life Is Real

CD 9:
1.Las Palabras De Amor
2.Cool Cat

CD 10:
1.Back Chat
2.Staying Power

CD 11:
1.Radio Ga Ga
2.I Go Crazy

CD 12:
1.I Want To Break Free

CD 13:
1.It's A Hard Life
2.Is This The World We Created ?

P.S. Queen's The Singles Collection Box Set Vol. 3 will be released in the end of 2009.

Jazz Gazeta Wyborcza's Queen Collection Part 23: Flash Gordon
Part 21 of Gazeta Wyborcza's Newspaper Queen Collection has been released today.
'Flash Gordon' was first and last Queen's soundtrack album. Tracks from 'A Kind Of Magic' were in the 'Highland' movie but in alternative versions.
'Flash's Theme/Football Fight' was the only one single to promote this album. Unfortunally band didn't decided to release another 'The Hero' single.
More informations you'll read in Polish language at Part 23 of Queen's Collection.
(C) 2009 MJK

Jazz Q+PR: Live In Ukraine
Queen + Paul Rodgers are going to release their new live album on 15th June, 2009.
'Live In Ukraine' was filmed by David Mallet and recorded by Justin Shirley-Smith on 12nd September, 2008 at Freedom Square in Kharkov.
350,000 people attended that special gig to fight with AIDS virus and to see Queen with Paul Rodgers very first time in Ukraine. To Q+PR it was first concert during their 'The Cosmos Rocks Tour 2008' in Europe.
'Live In Ukraine' will be released as:
- 2 CD + DVD
- 2 CD + DVD + T-shirt - Limited Edition
- digital audio

Unfortunally we'll get cut release without Queen's classic tracks: A Kind Of Magic and Radio Ga Ga, and Bad Co's hit 'Wishing Well'.

Tracklisting of 'Live In Ukraine':
One Vision
Tie Your Mother Down
The Show Must Go On
Fat Bottomed Girls
Another One Bites The Dust
Hammer To Fall
I Want It All
I Want To Break Free
Love Of My Life
Drum Solo
I’m In Love With My Car
Say It’s Not True
Shooting Star
Bad Company
Guitar Solo
Last Horizon
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Feel Like Making Love
Bohemian Rhapsody
Cosmos Rockin’
All Right Now
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen

Jazz Gazeta Wyborcza's Queen Collection Part 21: Live At Wembley Stadium Part 2
The 'Live At Wembley Stadium' part two out today in shops and kiosks.
'Wembley' had great sales as released on CD in 1992 and on DVD discs in 2003.
It's the last part of 'Gazeta Wyborcza' with Queen live album.

Updates Updates
You can download new two tracks from 'Download' section.
This time I've added demo from 'Delilah' recorded and programming by Freddie in 1990.
Another track is 'Put Out The Fire' recorded by one of fans during Dutch Convention in 2004. This demo includes extra backin' vocals and percussion by Roger.

'My Collection' has new items in 'CD Albums', 'CD Singles', 'VHS' and 'Book' pages.
Hope you'll join InvincibleQueen website.

Jazz Gazeta Wyborcza's Queen Collection Part 19: Live At Wembley Stadium Cz. 1
Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper has released another live album of Queen.
It's time for part one of Webley's show recorded by Mack on 12rd July of 1986.
Live At Wembley'86 was released on VHS in 1990 (short version) and on CD, MC and vinyl in 1992.
In 2004 Queen released full video and audio versions on DVD and CD and change name for 'Live At Wembley Stadium.
Wembley release isn't the best Queen concert that they ever done but many people knows Queen thanks to Wembley.
(C) 2009 MJK

Singstar Queen 'Singstar Queen' On PlayStation 2 and 3 !
Sony confirmed release date of Singstar Queen on PAL Playstation 2 and 3. It will be released on 18th March 2008.
Sinstar Queen follows tracks:
Another One Bites The Dust / Bicycle Race / Bohemian Rhapsody / Breakthru / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Don’t Stop Me Now /
Fat Bottomed Girls / Hammer To Fall / I Want It All / Innuendo / One Vision / Play The Game / Somebody To Love / These Are The Days Of Our Lives /
Tie Your Mother Down / Under Pressure / We Are The Champions / We Will Rock You / Who Wants To Live Forever / You’re My Best Friend.

Playstation 3 has additional tracks only:
A Kind Of Magic / I Want to Break Free / Killer Queen / Radio Ga Ga / The Show Must Go On.

The NTSC version will be released on 18th August next year.

Singstar Queen will be promoted during forthcoming annual QFC Convention on Friday, 27th March of 2009.
Winner will take console and game to home. Good luck !

Jazz Gazeta Wyborcza's Queen Collection Part 15: Jazz
You can buy part 16 of Queen Collection with CD Jazz.
Jazz released in 1978 was famous because of video to 'Bicycle Race' with naughty women riding on bicycles.
The album was produced by Queen and Roy Thomas Baker.
More interesting informations you will find in the book.

Queen On Fire Gazeta Wyborcza Newspaper Queen Collection Part 15: Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl Part 1
Another part of Queen's collection by Gazeta Wyborcza's newspaper has been released
QOF - Live At The Bowl was released originally in 2004 and recorded during Queen's gig in Milton Keynes on 5th June of 1982
at their European Hot Space Tour.
Only here you can hear tracks from synth/pop Hot Space album in rock versions like Back Chat or Action This Day.
Prize in Poland: 24,99 PLN

Updates Updates
The 'Discography/Q+PR' section has been updated.
All official digital downloads from 'Europe Live' and 'The Cosmos Rocks Tour 2008' and.
two promo singles taken from 'The Cosmos Rocks' album has been added.

Additional news ... 'The Cosmos Rocks' album has been sold 392,000 copies.

Updates Updates
New songs added to 'Download' section.
You can download demos of 'The March Of The Black Queen' and 'Sandbox' in convention tapes quality.

Many new items are in 'My Collection' pages.
You'll find new CD Albums, CD Singles, SP Singles and Books, VHS there.

Q+PR - Updates Q+PR - Updates
- No tour in 2009 but guys are planning something special for fans ... maybe an DVD from 'The Cosmos Rocks Tour' ?
- 'We Believe' is no 4 at the Italian iTunes charts
- 'C-lebrity' is no 16 at the 'Turbo Top' charts of AntyRadio in Poland.
- 'The Cosmos Rocks' saled 38 750 copies worldwide.

Roger & Rufus Father And Son On Stage
Roger played with his son Rufus on stage. It was the second time of family band (after gig with Felix).
Old and young Taylor's were invited by Queen's fifth member - Spike Edney's new year gig at his SAS band.
Boys rocked with Queen's set: Under Pressure (with Patti Russo on vocal), Tenement Funster, A Kind Of Magic, Cosmos Rockin', We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions with Roger on drums during two last songs.
SAS band rocked on 24th January at O2 Arena in London.

AntyRadio 'C-lebrity' On The Top -2nd Week
Q+PR's "C-lebrity" is on the top at 'TurboTop' charts on AntyRadio in Poland.
It's second week of glory of "C-lebrity" and let's hope it will be no 1 once again.
To help this song send message to frank@antyradio.pl with artist and name of song in the topic.

AntyRadio 'C-lebrity' No 1 in Poland !
Yes ! We've done it !
"C-lebrity" reached no 1 at "TurboTop" charts on AntyRadio in Poland.
Maybe we'll hear other tracks from "The Cosmos Rocks" album in the radio, who knows ?
We can save the song on the top if you'll send a message with 'Queen + Paul Rodgers - C-lebrity' in the topic to frank@antyradio.pl. 18.01.2009

Vinyl Re-releases Vinyl Re-releases
EMI Music and Queen Productions Ltd. are to release Queen's vinyl catalouge.
On 16th March will be released four albums: Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races.
In May in stores you'll find another five LP's: Queen, News Of The World, Flash Gordon, A Kind Of Magic and Innuendo.
Vinyls will have bonus posters, rare pictures also.

Innuendo Gazeta Wyborcza Newspaper Queen Collection Part 9: Innuendo
Part 9 of Queen's Collection will be released tomorrow.
Innuendo is the really last band's album recorded together with Freddie.
Two singles (Innuendo and These Are The Days Of Our Lives as Bohemian Rhapsody's B-side 1992 edition) reached no 1 at the UK Charts.
Freddie was filmed last time for TATDOOL ever, released when Freddie has gone.
Prize in Poland: 24,99 PLN

AntyRadio 'C-lebrity' No 4 at 'Turbo Top' In Poland
Q+PR's 'C-lebrity' reached no 4 at the 'Turbo Top' charts on Polish 'AntyRadio'.
If you want to be part of another success on 'Turbo Top' charts, you can vote for 'C-lebrity' !
It's so easy ... send a message with 'Queen + Paul Rodgers - C-lebrity' in the topic to frank@antyradio.pl. 10.01.2009

Record Your CD Record Your Live CD From 'The Cosmos Rocks Tour 2008'
You can order limited edition live CD with selected tracks by you !
To make it you should download official tracks from Q+PR's tour and order limited edition blank cd and tour atwork.
Order at the www.queenonlinestore.com

AntyRadio Vote for C-lebrity at AntyRadio !
You can vote for 'C-lebrity' at Turbo Top Charts on AntyRadio.
Just send your message at frank@antyradio.pl and write title and band in the theme.
Queen + Paul Rodgers 'C-lebrity' reached no 9 on Saturday.

The Works Gazeta Wyborcza Newspaper Queen Collection Part 7: The Works
7th part of the Gazeta Wyborcza collection - The Works out today.
It's one of the most commercial Queen's album on their history.
Great videos for singles Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free, It's A Hard Life i Hammer To Fall makes a good impression.

Updates Updates
InvincibleQueen website has new 'Download' section !
Here you'll find rare Queen's and solo's tracks including: demos, fan mixes, rare live tracks and rare studio tracks.
Hope you'll join it !

In the 'My Collection' pages I have added new items in the 'CD Albums' and 'CD Singles'.

The Game Gazeta Wyborcza Newspaper Queen Collection Part 5: News Of The World
Tomorrow in many Polish music shops, kiosks you'll able to buy another part of Gazeta Wyborcza Collection.
News Of The World is one of the best Queen albums because of 'We Are The Champions' and 'We Will Rock You' tracks.
Queen recorded last time at the BBC sessions. They recorded fast version of 'WWRY', 'My Melancholy Blues' with guitar.

Live Downloads 'Live Downloads' Updated
The Official Queen Store added some new tracks from The Cosmos Rocks 2008 Tour.
At this time many tracks are taken from UK tour.
New live download tracks:
We Are The Champions + God Save The Queen (London - Wembley 8/11/2008)
We Will Rock You (London - Wembley 8/11/2008)
Voodoo (London 7/11/2008)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Rotterdam 7/11/2008)
Surf's Up...School's Out! (London 7/11/2008)
Cosmos Rockin' (Manchester 5/11/2008)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Newcastle 4/11/2008)
Another One Bites The Dust (Vienna 1/11/2008)
A Kind Of Magic (Vienna 1/11/2008)

4th Anniversary of IQ 4th Anniversary Of ...
It's amazing that Invincible Queen website celebrates 4th anniversary !
Pre-IQ stated on the MJKONLINE pages and I decided to made separete Queen only website.
And the 'InvincibleQueen' has been begun on 4th December of 2004.
At the moment 'IQ' has many visitors of Queen fans. I would like to thank you for enter 'my bijou'.
Hope you'll have an Invincible Queen !

Live Downloads New Tracks At 'Live Downloads'
We were waiting too long for new tracks from Q+PR's 'The Cosmos Rocks Tour' to download.
You can buy following new live songs at www.queenonlinestore.com:
'Bad Company' (Prague 30/10/08)
'I Want It All' and 'Intro + 'Hammer To Fall' (Belgrade 29/10/08)
'We Believe' and 'Tavaszi Szél Vizet Araszt' (Budapest 28/10/08)
'Love Of My Life', 'Fat Bottomed Girls' and 'Another One Bites The Dust' (Madrid 25/10/08)
'Roger Solo + I’m In Love With My Car' and 'A Kind Of Magic' (Murcia 24/10/08)
'Wishing Well' (Moscow 16/09/08)

The Game Gazeta Wyborcza Collection Part 3: The Game
Another Queen album released with Gazeta Wyborcza collection is 1980's 'The Game'.
You can order it by www.merlin.pl or buy it in kiosks and stores like Empik in Poland.
'The Game' was promoted by three singles: 'Play The Game', 'Save Me', 'Another One Bites The Dust' and 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'.
'Dust' and 'Crazy' was topped USA charts. It was the only one Queen's succes in this country.

Singles Box Set 1 'The Singles Collection Box Set' Postponed Date Of Release In Poland
Bad News for all Polish Queen fans.
'The Singles Collection Box Set Vol. 1' will be released on 8th December, 2008.
The date of release was postponed for the second time.

Singles Box Set 1 'The Singles Collection Box Set Vol. 1' Will Be Released Tomorrow
Queen is going to release the first part of their new box set tomorrow.
The Singles Collection Box Set Vol. 1 includes 13 cd singles from 'Keep Yourself Alive' to 'Don't Stop Me Now'.
You can orded this collection for example in Queen's Official Store: www.queenonlinestore.com

Description of Singles Collection Box Set Vol. 1 is online at: 'Discography/Queen/Other Albums'.
The Official Website of Collection is here.

Updates Updates
Just little update for English version of InvincibleQueen website.
- Two new items have been added to 'My Collection' section.
You'll find 'A Kind Of Magic' and 'A Night At The Opera' Book+CD edition from 'Gazeta Wyborcza' newspaper collection.
- Set Lists/Q+PR 2008 has been udpaded with gigs to Buenos Aires.
- 'Concerts/2005-2008' with all correct tourdates.

In Polish language version I have uploaded new photos from Silesian Queen Fans meeting in Katowice last Sunday.
You can see all pictures in Polish section in 'Fani/Spotkania Slaskich Fanow Queen/Galeria' pages.

Freddie 17th Anniversary ...
It's a sad day ... we've got 17th anniversary of Freddie's death.
Let's hope Freddie rocks on in heaven and he's close to us.
We miss you

RMF Queen Radio RMF Queen !
Amazing ! Polish Queen fans have really good time. Queen's collection at Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper and now ...
Polish RMF Radio are going to start new RMF Queen Radio at www.miastomuzyki.pl
You'll listen studio tracks, rare songs from B-sides and more.
Radio starts on 24th November 2008. 22.11.2008

Small MJK Mix na YouTube Q+PR 'Small (MJK Mix)' On YouTube !
My home made 'Small (MJK Mix)' is avaible on YouTube.com !
User called cthooli decided to make his promotion of that track. You can listen it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfTVmllis9k

I'd thank to all webmaster whose put news on their websites. Thanks to:
www.queen1991.blog.pl , www.mercuryparadise.com , www.queenconcerts.com , www.queenzone.com czy www.forum.queen.pl
You can download Small (MJK Mix) from this page or 'Community' section.
Thank you for your supports !

Kharkov in England Kharkov In England
After USA and Italy, UK is another confirmed country where Kharkov's gig will be picture.
The historic Queen's concert in Ukraine will be visible in the VUE cinemas.
You can buy tickets in the cinemas, or order at: www.myvue.com/queen and calling at: 08712 240 240.

Queen Returns To South America Queen Returns To South America
That time come ... after 23 years, Queen returns to South American tour.
Forced with great Paul Rodgers, Queen will rock for five dates in Chile, Argentina and Brasil.
There's no plan to film one of the gigs but let's hope they will do it ...
Latin America tour dates:
19.11 - Santiago De Chile, Chile
21.11 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
26.11 - Sao Paulo, Brasil
27.11 - Sao Paulo, Brasil
29.11 - Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

InvincibleQueen's special greetings to all Latin American Queen fans ! Let's rock with Q+PR !

Q+PR's 'Life Must Go On' + New Single in Italy Q+PR's 'Life Must Go On' + New Single in Italy
On 1st December Queen's gig in Kharkov will be screening by UCI cinemas in Milan, Bologna and Casoria.
Tickets are avaible at UCI websites and cinemas.

Another great news from Italy. On 14th November you'll listen 'We Believe' single in Italian radio.

Singles Box Set 1 The Singles Collection Box Set WebSite
QOL announcement official website of Queen's 'The Singles Box Set' collection.
The first of four parts will be release on 17th November.
You'll give 13 CD singles from Keep Yourself Alive to Don't Stop Me Now.
Link to 'Singles Box Set' Website is here

Queen's Collection With Gazeta Wyborcza Queen's Collection With Gazeta Wyborcza
Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza will release collection of Queen's studio and live albums from Queen to Return Of The Champions.
It'll be similar with Italian collection released this year: book, rare photos, lyrics and of course disc.
Collection starts on 24th November, 2008 and will be release on every thuesday including 25th November, 2008.
List of albums:
A Kind Of Magic
A Night At The Opera
The Game
Sheer Heart Attack
News Of The World
A Day At The Races
The Works
Queen II
Live Magic
Live Killers (Vol. 1)
Hot Space
Live Killers (Vol. 2)
Live at the Bowl (Vol 1)
The Miracle
Live At The Bowl (Vol. 2)
Live At Wembley '86 (Vol. 1)
Made In Heaven
Live At Wembley '86 (Vol. 2)
Return Of The Champions (Vol. 1)
Flash Gordon (OST)
Return Of The Champions (Vol. 2)

Updates Updates
I had chance to be one of thousand fans who attended Q+PR during their 2008 European Tour.
I was singing, waving my hands and taking many photos in Berlin, Prague and Vienna.
You can admire some pictures in the 'Gallery/Tour'08' pages.
Set lists of the Q+PR's gigs have been updated and you can join it at 'Set Lists 2000-Today/Q+PR 2008'.
'My Collection' section has new Queen's books and compilation album 'Classic Queen' in the 'CD Albums'
Have a fun here !

Q+PR Won't Tour In USA Q+PR Won't Tour In USA !
In the interview for american 101.9rxp radio Brian May said that Q+PR wouldn't tour in USA in Spring 2009.
It's surpising news because of the band announce of the US tour in the 'The Cosmos Rocks' press release.
There's no more news at the moment of any other tour dates in the US.
Q+PR were touring in USA and Canada for their first time in 2006.

Live Downloads Live Downloads Updated
Another tracks from current Q+PR 'The Cosmos Rocks Tour' have been added to Official Queen Stores.
The list of new songs is below:
Surf’s Up…School’s Out! (Birmingham 16/10/08)
We Are The Champions (Cardiff 14/10/08)
Feel Like Makin’ Love (Cardiff 14/10/08)
Hammer To Fall (London 13/10/08)
Intro + Hammer To Fall (Glasgow 11/10/08)
Tie Your Mother Down (Glasgow 11/10/08)
’39 (Glasgow 11/10/08)
We Are The Champions + God Save The Queen (Nottingham 10/10/08)
Intro + Tie Your Mother Down (Luxembourg 08/10/08)
Intro + One Vision (Riga 19/09/08)

Live Downloads New Tracks in Live Downloads
You're able to download new tracks from current Q+PR European Tour.
Join 'Live Downloads' at queenonlinestore.com for:
We Will Rock You (Zurich 29/09/2008)
Radio Ga Ga (Milan 28/09/2008)

'Rock Montreal' Platinum DVD ! 'Rock Montreal' Platinum DVD !
On 8th October of 2008, Polish ZPAV received platinum DVD for Queen's 'Rock Montreal/Live Aid' !
Approx. 10, 000 copies of 'QRM' DVD have been sold.
It's the first Platinum DVD Award this year in Poland.
Polish platinum DVD's status have also: 'Greatest Video Hits 1', 'Live At Wembley Stadium' and Freddie's 'Lover Of Live, Singer Of Songs'.

Singles Box Set 1 The Singles Collection Box Set Volume 1
On 17th November, 2008 Queen will release The Singles Collection Box Set Volume 1
The box singles will feature 4 part with only Queen singles that reached UK Chart's Top 40.
In the first part, you'll take from Queen 13 CD from the first ever Queen single 'Keep Yourself Alive' to 'Don't Stop Me Now'.
List of singles is below:

1. A. Keep Yourself Alive
2. B. Son And Daughter

1. A. Seven Seas Of Rhye
2. B. See What A Fool I've Been

1. A. Killer Queen
2. A. Flick Of The Wrist

1. A. Now I'm Here
2. B. Lily Of The Valley

1. A. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. B. I'm In Love With My Car

1. A. You'er My Best Friend
2. B. '39

1. A. Somebody To Love
2. B. White Man

1. A. Tie Your Mother Down
2. B. You And I

CD9: Queen's First EP
1. A. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
2. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...)
3. B. Tenement Funster
4. White Queen (As It Began)

1. A. We Are The Champions
2. B. We Will Rock You

1. A. Spread Your Wings
2. B. Sheer Heart Attack

1. A. Bicycle Race
2. A. Fat Bottomed Girls

1. A. Don't Stop Me Now
2. B. In Only Seven Days

Live Downloads Live Downloads
QOL's shop (www.queenonlinestore.com) announced tracks from The Cosmos Rocks Tour.
You can download tracks from Moscow to Rome gigs.
Full list is below:
Seagull (Moscow 15/09/08)
Love Of My Life (Moscow 15/09/08)
A Kind Of Magic (Moscow 16/09/08)
The Show Must Go On (Moscow 16/09/08)
Bad Company (Moscow 16/09/08)
All Right Now (Riga 19/09/08) *
We Will Rock You (Riga 19/09/08)
Fat Bottomed Girls (Berlin 21/09/08)
Another One Bites The Dust (Berlin 21/09/08)
Say It's Not True (Antwerp 23/09/08)
Tie Your Mother Down (Antwerp 23/09/08)
Surf's Up...School's Out! (Paris 24/09/08)
Roger Solo + I'm In Love With My Car (Paris 24/09/08)
I Want It All (Rome 26/09/08)
I Want To Break Free (Rome 26/09/08)

* Ivars Godmanis - the Latvian Prime Minister on drums.

Updates Q+PR 'Small (MJK Mix)'
The new MJK's mix has been added to the 'Community' section.
You can download 'Small' from the last Q+PR's 'The Cosmos Rocks' album.
Don't worry I'm not going to sing there ;)

Updates Updates
The 'Set Lists 2000-Today' section has been updated with all gigs from 'The Cosmos Rocks 2008 Tour'.
2 LP 'TCR' edition is another item at 'My Collection->LP Albums' page.

On Sunday (12.10.2008) you'll be able to download my new mix on the 'Community' section.
I don't want to announce which song is it at the moment. I can write that's track from the last Q+PR's 'The Cosmos Rocks' album only.

Updates Updates
In the 'My Collection' site, two versions of 'The Cosmos Rocks' album and German Version of 'C-lebrity' single have been added.

On 21st September of 2008, Queen and Paul Rodgers played great gig at Velodrom Hall.
I have made many pictures and some of them you can find at 'Gallery' section in new 'Tour'08' page.
I would like to say I have told with Paul Rodgers and gave his autograph.
Jimi, Spike and Danny have autographed my 'TCR' tour program too.

P.S. Invincible Queen is back to rock'n'roll after week break.

Updates Updates
In the 'Set Lists 2000-Today', section Q+PR 2008 has been added two set lists from Moscow's gigs.
Q+PR started to make some differences on their set lists, they put new track also.
Russian fans heard the really first Q+PR's performance of 'Warboys' tonight.

Great news to all fans.
In the 'History' section you can find new pages of Queen's history from 1992-2000 years.

Kharkov Gig Kharkov Gig
The Cosmos Rocks Tour has been started ! The first city of tour was Kharkov in Ukraine.
Q+PR rocked audience with:
Zespol zagral nastepujace utwory:
01 - Cosmos Rocking' (Intro) / One Vision
02 - Tie Your Mother Down
03 - The Show Must Go On
04 - Fat Bottomed Girls
05 - Another One Bites The Dust
06 - Hammer To Fall
07 - I Want It All
08 - I Want To Break Free
09 - A kind Of Magic
10 - Seagull
11 - Love Of My Life
12 - '39
13 - Drum Solo
14 - I'm In Love With My Car
15 - Say It's Not True
16 - Wishing Well
17 - Shooting Star
18 - Bad Company
19 - Guitar Solo
20 - Bijou
21 - Last Horizon
22 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
23 - C-lebrity
24 - Feel Like Makin' Love
25 - Radio Ga Ga
26 - Bohemian Rhapsody
27 - Cosmos Rockin'
28 - All Right Now
29 - We Will Rock You
30 - We Are The Champions
31 God Save The Queen

You should note that Freddie was lead vocalist on Bijou and Bohemian Rhapsody.
The band played rock version of Hammer To Fall, album version of SINT and '39 was played by all band !
During Drum Solo and I'm In Love With My Car, Roger was drumming and singing from the end of catwalk !

Hear Clips Of The Album Hear Clips Of The Album
If you're member of QOL's Album Club you're able to hear clips of all Cosmos tracks !
Fragments are 40 sec to more than minute long in various songs.
UK and European date of release is 15th September, 2008.

Cosmos Rocks Japan Cosmos Rocks Japan
It's great news to all japanese fans.
Q+PR are to release three formats of 'The Cosmos Rocks' album !
You can buy the album on the mp3 files. It's avaible on this day.
Standard version will hit stores on 17th September, 2008.
Special 2 CD edition will release on 8th October, 2008.
The second disc will include audio version of Q+PR gig in Tokyo on 27th November, 2005.

'C-lebrity' Out Now ! 'C-lebrity' Out Now !
Today Q+PR releases their new single 'C-lebrity' taken from the forthcoming album 'The Cosmos Rocks'
You can order all formats of single: CD and 7" bundle and mp3 files on queenonlinestore.com
Tracklist of all versions is here: 'Discography/Q+PR/Singles/C-lebrity'
Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters band done great work on bv's here !

62nd Freddie's Birthdays 62nd Freddie's Birthdays
Happy birthdays Freddie !
I guess you're gonna to rock'n'roll today.
We all remember you, your music and hope your soul will stay with us forever.

Rehearsal Gig Rehearsal Gig
Yesterday, Queen + Paul Rodgers played special rehearsal gig for media and winner of Album Club - Matthew Wilson
The set list of this short gig was:
Another One Bites The Dust
Hammer To Fall
I Want It All
I Want To Break Free
A Kind Of Magic
Shooting Star
Cosmos Rockin’

Q+PR's Cosmos Tour starts on 12nd September in Kharkov, Ukraine.

QPR To Play In Ukraine Cosmos Rocked Radio
Two new songs from the forthcoming album 'The Cosmos Rocks' were played in UK Radio.
Jonnie Walker played 'Time To Shine' during his program at BBC's Radio 2 on Sunday.
Song is close to U2 and Simple Minds style but Rodgers voice is incredible here.
Another track - Still Burnin' was presented at Planet Rock Radio on Monday.
It's really blues rock track with Paul and Queen souls mixed together ! It works !
'The Cosmos Rocks' will release on Monday, 15th September, 2008.

Q+PR To Rock Dubai Q+PR To Rock Dubai
Another rumour date has been confirmed !
On 14th November, Brian, Paul and Roger are to rock in Festival City, Dubai.
Tickets are available at: boxofficeme.com and timeouttickets.com .

Updates Updates
New photos from VII Polish Queen Fans Convention have been added at Polish language version 'Strona Slaskich Fanow Queen' section.
Just look at 'Gallery' section there (Fani/Strona Slaskich Fanow Queen/Galeria).

Some rare photos of Queen are online now !
Enter 'Gallery' page and admire photos of 70's and 80's. I guess some pictures haven't been published before.

Queen Single Box Queen "Singles Box Set"
All Queen's fans will have the best Autumn for last years.
Queen are planning to release Singles Box Set on 17th November, 2008.
Nobody knows how many songs will be including in this release but it seems we will have all Queen's singles since 1973.
More infos coming soon ...

QPR To Play In Ukraine QPR To Play In Ukraine
QPR confirmed their appearance at ANITAIDS gig in Ukraine.
Concert will take place on 12nd September in Kharkov's Freedom Square. Gig starts at 19:30 local time.
Show will be filming for Ukrainian NOVY channel and for releasing on DVD in the future.
DVD director of this event will be David Mallet.

Kilka Starych Informacji Some old news + 'TCR' prices in Poland
You should know from Internet that 'C-lebrity' have different tracklist in Austria and Germany only.
Tracks are: C-lebrity (audio + video (live performance at Al Murray's Show), audio and video version of 'Say It's Not True'.

'Album Club' on QOL website has been updated with new promo photos and video of 'Q&A of 'TCR' session'

North American release date has been changed. 'The Cosmos Rocks' will be release on 28th October, 2008.

Tracklist of 'LP' version has been announcement at QueenOnLine website. More informations at 'Discography' section.

You can pre-order 'C-lebrity' by QOL shop. The best version is CD and 7" package for 3 pounds only !

Breaking news:
Polish music shop (fan.pl) announcement all versions and prices of 'TCR':
CD: 45,95 PLN (15 €)
CD + DVD: 74,95 PLN (23 €)
2 LP: 69,99 PLN (21 €)
CD (easter europe edition): 30,99 PLN (9 €)


Tracklisting 'The Cosmos Rocks' Tracklisting
Q+PR have published official tracklisting from their forthcoming album 'The Cosmos Rocks'.
TCR has 14 new songs written and produced by Queen + Paul Rodgers. Tracklists are:
01 Cosmos Rockin’
02 Time To Shine
03 Still Burnin’
04 Small
05 Warboys
06 We Believe
07 Call Me
08 Voodoo
09 Some Things That Glitter
10 C-lebrity
11 Through The Night
12 Say It’s Not True
13 Surf’s Up . . . School’s Out !
14 Small (Reprise)

Tracklist has been added to 'Discography/Queen+Paul Rodgers'/Albums/The Cosmos Rocks' section.

P.S. Queen's 'Made In Heaven - The Films' added to 'My Collection/DVD' also.

Update Update
The only one update this time. I guess you were waiting too long but here it comes...
New pages of 'History' section has been added !
You can read Queen's history pages of '2001-Today' years.

If you find mistakes let me know on: mjkonline@o2.pl ,please.

Additional News of 'C-lebrity' and studio album Additional News of 'C-lebrity' and Studio Album
Q+PR confirmed 'C-lebrity' and 'Cosmos Rocks' album formats.
The first single will be released on 8th September as CD single, "7, Digital Bundle and iTunes Exclusive bundle.
We know all editions of 'The Cosmos Rocks' album too and you'll find it on:
CD (special edition with DVD, Fan Club Tour Edition, standard version), LP and Itunes Album Exclusive format.

All versions and tracklists you can find at 'Discography/Queen+Paul Rodgers'/Singles/C-lebrity' section.

Updates Updates
Q+PR announcement their crap cover of forthcoming studio album and I decided to update In.Queen
You can see new banner with 'Rock Montreal' photos and new 'Queen' font from 'The Cosmos Rocks'.
Q+PR section has been added to 'Discography'. There you'll find their all singles, albums and dvd releases.
'History' section has new timetables and new 'History' pages will be adding this week !
I hope you'll enjoy InvincibleQueen !

Q+PR - Hear 'C-lebrity' ! Q+PR: Hear 'C-lebrity' !
45 sec. sample of the fothcoming single 'C-lebrity' is available now !
You can listen new Q+PR record at Album Club on QueenOnLine.com website.
'C-lebrity' was performed at Al Murray's Show in April, 2008.

Q+PR - More news ! Q+PR: More news !
Queen + Paul Rodgers announcement official dates of their the very first studio album release.
You'll rock the stores on 15th September in UE and 14th October in USA and Canada.
The tracklist of album is unknow yet. Band finished mix the album today.
On Monday you can listen 'C-lebrity' studio version at Radio 2 and Virgin Radio too.

VII Zlot Fanow Queen - Relacja Rewiew of the VII Polish Queen Fans Convention
Another great convention is over. We rocked Trzebnica (near to Wroclaw) this year.
On Friday practiculary all fans were booked in hostel and we were waiting for official open of VII Polish Queen Fans Convention.
The best things of Friday's evening were Czaban Queen Band gig and BBQ at Kocia Gora hill.

On Saturday you could watched 'ROTC' DVD concert, joined teams competitions, sung Queen's tracks at karaoke.
Everyone of us waited for QueenParty with 'Innuendo' album theme.

Fans were played football match on Sunday's morning also. 'Racice Slask' were better team haha.
We had recorded promo video of our anty 'BoRhap' cover version .. you can find it on youtube.
You should note that 'the best fan of the VII PQFC' is CrystalShip from Warsaw.
We made some group photos and we were talking of everythings and drinking beers.
Last night we spent talking and singing Queen tracks. We had special guests - two policemen.

Monday's morning was last moment when fans were together ... we came to Wroclaw and we returned to our houses.
I hope I will see you all next year.

You can join some photos from Queen convention in Poland here.

See and Hear Q+PR See and Hear Q+PR
All 'Album Club' members have huge opportunity to win two great prizes.
You can hear new Q+PR records before worldwide release and see band in their rehearses.
If you want to join 'Album Club' you can do it at QOL website. It costs 2 pounds only.

Freddie Mercury Memorial Day Freddie Mercury Memorial Day
On 5th and 6th September, 2008 will be Freddie Mercury Memorial Day in Montreux, Switzerland.
Many Freddie's and Queen's fans will celebrate Freddie Mercury's life.
The Official Program of this event is online here.
You should note that Freddie's friends (Peter Freestone and Mike Moran) will be there.

VII Polish Queen Convention VII Polish Queen Convention
VII Polish Queen Convention will take place in Trzebnica (near to Wroclaw) from 25th to 27th July, 2008.
Many Polish fans will attend this long wait "Queen's celebration".
You can visit the official convention program here.
Join us !

Updates Updates
Finally, confirmed list of forthoming Q+PR's 2008 tour from Hyde Park's 46664 gig to Wembley Arena's gig.
I have added two Queen's performances with WWRY in Toronto and Foo Fighters gig in 2007. Look to 'Setlists' section.
Some new items have been added to 'My Collection'

46664 Queen + Paul Rodgers Rocked the 46664 Hyde Park Gig
Q+PR performed at Hyde Park's '46664 Nelson Mandela - 90th Birthday' gig on 27th June of 2008
Guys played six tracks: One Vision, Tie Your Mother Down, The Show Must Go On, WWRY, WATC and All Right Now.
Brian, Paul and Roger joined to All Stars Band and performed the song 'Free Nelson Mandela' written specialy for that night.
Brian and Andrea Corr played 'Is This The World We Created ?' before Q+PR's part.

Q+PR - New Date Q+PR: Wembley Arena Concert
Band has confirmed new date during their forthoming 'Rock The Cosmos Tour'.
On 8th November, Brian, Roger and Paul will play in Wembley Arena in London.
Tickets for all registered fans at QOL will be avaiable coming soon.


Q+PR - Another New Date Q+PR: Another New Date
QOL announcemed Luxembourg date yesterday and we have another new date of European Tour this day.
Q+PR will rock Latvia in Ryga on 19th September, 2008. Queen never play in this country before.
Unfortunally all Polish fans can stop dream of Queen's gig, because unofficially 19th September was booked for Poland.

Q+PR - New Date Q+PR: New Date
South Americans concerts aren't confirm yet, but another date of European Date has been added.
The band will play in Rockhal in Luxembourg on 8th October.
Ticktes will avaible on sale from 26th June.
There's no news of Q+PR's gig in Poland.


New tracks of Kerry New tracks of Kerry
Debut album of Kerry Ellis is coming soon ! Kerry was 'Meet' at Queen's 'We Will Rock You' Musical.
Album was produced by Brian May. Brian done some guitars, bas and keys.
Another VIP at Kerry's LP is Taylor Hawking playing drums. Roger Taylor does some drums too.

Tracklist of forthcoming single:
- Defying Gravity
- I'm Not That Girl
- No-One But You (Queen + Kerry Ellis)

46664 - Hyde Park 46664 - Hyde Park
We know official line-up artists for 46664 - 90th Nelson Mandela Anniversary gig.
At Hyde Park will play: Queen + Paul Rodgers, Annie Lennox, Simple Minds, Leona Lewis, Sugababes, Dame Shirley Bassey, Razorlight,
Amy Winehouse, Johnny Clegg, Papa Wemba, Josh Groban, Joan Baez, Jerry Dammers and The Soweto Gospel Choir.
Good news are that 46664 gig will broadcast by VH1, ITV and Virgin Radio !

10 (05).06.2007

Queen and Dennis Wilson Queen and Dennis Wilson
Brian May wrote on his Soapbox that Queen and Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) finished 'Holy Man' by Dennis Wilson.
Unfortunally Queen's version won't include at re-release at Wilson's 'Pacyfic Ocean Blue' album.
There's chance that 'London Mix' (Q, TH version) will be release as single or download track.
10 (05).06.2007

Q+PR Album Club Updated Q+PR: Album Club - Updates
New things have been added to Album Club at Queenonline.com.
On 'Album Tracks' you can listen official live version of 'C-lebrity', watch two new videos including Q+PR talking about 'Runaway',
and read Simon Lupton comment at 'Sleeve Notes'. I guess you should join the 'Album Club' ! It rocks
09 (05).06.2008

Q+PR - New Dates ? / Queen Not Touring in Poland ? Q+PR - New Dates ? / Queen Not Touring in Poland ?
Some unofficial Queen websites announcemend new tour dates.
Band should play in following cities:
Copenhagen - 11st November
Malmo - 12nd November
Helsinki - 14th November
Buenos Aires - 21st and 22nd November
Santiago and Sao Paolo - between 23rd and 29th November
Rio De Janeiro (46664 gig) - 30th November.

I have bad info for Queen fans planning join band in Poland.
Polish Fan Club claimed that band would play but promotors and local gouverments aren't intersted to Queen gig in Poland.
Only one city with good will is Bydgoszcz but it's not confirmed by promotors and band.

(09) 05.06.2008

Updates Updates
- new tour dates on 'Concerts 2005-2008'.
- confirmed tracks from forthcoming QPR album + 'Holy Man' - 'Tracks 1995-Today / Studio'.
- some new items on 'My Collection'.
09 (05).06.2008

Q+PR - Classic Rock Interview Q+PR - Classic Rock Interview
We know some quotes from forthcoming Classic Rock's interview with Queen and Paul Rodgers.
There are titles of new QPR's songs includes: 'Say It's Not True', 'C-lebrity', 'Call Me', 'We Belive' and 'Whole House Rocking'.
The first cover song ever 'Runaway' (originally performed by Del Shannon) won't be on an album.
Other part of interview is of recording sessions, autumn tour, using 'Queen' name and John's involvement.


Q+PR: New Tour Dates Q+PR: New Tour Dates
QueenOnLine.com confirmed new tour dates in UK. QPR will rock:
Sheffield - Sheffield Arena - 19 October
Newcastle - Newcastle Arena - 4 November
Manchester - MEN Arena - 5 November
Londyn - O2 Arena - 7 November
Tickets for these events will be available on 10th May.


Q+PR To Perform Their New Song This Friday Q+PR To Perform Their New Song This Friday
On 4th April of 2008 Queen + Paul Rodgers will play their new song during 'Al Murray's Show'.
'C-lebrity' propably will be single of Q+PR's new album.
Queen's new album date of release: 1st September.


Q+PR Concert In Gdansk Cancelled Q+PR: Concert In Gdansk Cancelled !!!
Sad day for all Polish and worldwide Queen's fans ...
One of organizer wrote official letter to Polish Queen's fans that concert in Gdansk is cancel !
There's no idea of QPR's gig in Poland at the moment.
Fuck !


Q+PR - Official Tour Dates !!! Q+PR - Official Tour Dates !!!
QueenOnLive have announcemented official tour dates of forthcoming Q+PR tour 2008.
Band will play 27 concerts from Moscow to Vienna.
For all tour dates click here


Q+PR - Unconfirmed Tour Dates Q+PR - Unconfirmed Tour Dates
According to Thomas Zeidler's Queen Tour 2008 website, Q+PR will be touring since September to November. Unconfim tour dates are: Moscow (16 & 17.09), Gdańsk (20.09), Rzym (September), Verona (September), London (September), Glasgow (11.10), Belgrade (29.10), Paris (October),
Budapest (October), Prague (October), Munich (October), Holland - mini tour (October) and Vienna (01.11).

At QueenOnLine.com you can find great news of Q+PR tour ... official dates will announcement this week !

Updates Updates / Invincible Queen Won At 'QueenFans.com Poll' !
- You can admire new section at 'Discography' - 'Other Albums' has been added with albums incl. : 'In Vision 2008', 'Queen Collection' and more.
- 'My Collection' updated with Queen's 'Stone Cold Classics', '46664 - Amandla', George Michael and Queen 'Five Live EP' and 'Heaven For Everyone' cd single.

I'm proud of Invincible Queen's score at QueenFans.com poll.
Thanks for yours votes !

Brian's Guitar Solo For Cathy Porter Brian's Guitar Solo For Cathy Porter
This morning on Soapbox Brian wrote that he worked at guitar solo for Cathy Porter's 'Somebody To Love' version.
Cathy was helped Brian's band on backing vocals during 1993 and 1998 tours and some Queen + concerts.
Let's hope Brian will do great work at Cathy's solo album.

Q+PR Tour: More Romoured Dates Q+PR Tour: More Rumoured Dates / 46664 Hyde Park & Moscow Tickets
We have more rumoured dates of forthcoming Q+PR tour.
According to some fan's websites the band will play in Gdansk, London, Vienna, Budapest, Moscow, Paris and Rio and in Holland and Germany.

We've already got news about ticket's prices:
General Admission: 76, 45 Pounds
VIP Experience Package: 586, 33 Pounds + VAT
Hot Ticket Package: 164.00 Pounds + VAT

Moscow's gigs should be confirm very soon because tickets for 16th and 17th September nights are about to be avaible.
Prices are:
Dancing area: 105 euros (1500 tickets)
Fan zone (inside of dancing area): 140 euros (1200 tickets)
VIP: 176 - 1470 euros
Stadium sectors: 29 - 205 euros

Q+PR To Play in Rio and Moscow Q+PR To Play in Rio and Moscow ?
Some new informations of Queen + Paul Rodgers 2008 Tour have been published in Internet.
Rumour is about 46664 Rio gig at Cocabana Beach on 30th November 2008 with Q+PR performance.
According to russian sources Q+PR will play at Olimpic Sports Complex in Moscow on 16th and 17th September'08.
Queen Productions haven't confirmed Q+PR tour list at the moment.

New Compilation Album In Vision 2008 - Greatest TV And Movie Hits
On 27th February of 2008 new Queen's compilation album "In Vision 2008 - Greatest TV And Movie Hits" will be release in Japan.
Album include Queen's greatest hits Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions and Somebody To Love and two rare tracks:
Teo Torriatte (2005 High Definition Mix) and Flash's Theme (2007 High Octane Mix).
Let's hope 'In Vision 2008' will be avaible to buy in Europe.

Track List:


Q+PR In Poland Q+PR In Poland - Confirmed !
It's official ! Queen + Paul Rodgers will play during "Wolnosc Przestrzeni" gig in Gdansk, Poland.
Zbyszek Kaminski (organizer of Polish Queen Fans Convention) asked Brian after WWRY Musical in London about rumour of QPR gig in Gdansk.
Brian told Zbyszek that he is excided to play in Poland as Queen.
Dates of forthcoming Q+PR tour is not confirm at the moment.

Updates Updates
- 'My Collection' - 'Say It's Not True' cd single and triple LP 'Queen Rock Montreal' has been added.
- 'Tracks 1995-Today' udpaded with 'Say It's Not True'.
- 'Discography->Queen->Singles 1993-Today->Queen + Paul Rodgers' - 'We Are The Champions' and 'Say It's Not True' singles online !
- You can enter special Queen Rock Montreal's microsite here !

Q+PR - Recording Session Is About Over Q+PR - Recording Session Is About To Over
According to new interviews of Paul and Brian, Q+PR's recording session is about to over.
Paul said that they have recorded 13 songs. Band is thinking of adding Paul's 'Warboys' to tracklist.
Q+PR are mixing and overdubing their tracks at the moment.
Neither Brian nor Paul did confirm date of release.


Q+PR in Poland Q+PR to play in Poland !
It can be the best day for Queen's fans !
Queen will play at "Wolno¶ć Przestrzeni" in September in Gdansk, Poland !!!
It will be the firts Queen concert in Poland ever.
Unfortunelly that news isn't confirmed by band at the moment.


Q+PR tour Q+PR On Tour: Autumn 2008
According to the Official Queen Website, forthcoming Q+PR tour will be on Autumn of 2008.
Brian claimed that their (Queen + Paul Rodgers) tour will start on September and they will play on famous O2 in London
Propably the Q+PR studio album will be release on Summer'08.


16th Anniversary of Freddie Mercury Death on Radio VIS 16th Anniversary of Freddie Mercury Death on Radio VIS
At 8:00 PM will be special Queen Night in "Wizja Muzyki" on Radio Vis presented by Marek Mucharski on 24th November.
You can listen Radio Vis by their official website: http://www.radiovis.pl
During that special night you will listen: 'Live Killers' LP, interviews with Polish fans from Warsaw and more.
Official banner:


QRM - DVD Charts Worldwide QRM - DVD Charts Worldwide And Awards
Austria: 4
Belgium: 4
Germany: 3
Holland: 1
Denmark: 7
Sweden: 7
Italy: 1
France: 13
Portugal: 2
UK: 5 (Gold)
US: 23 (Platinum)
Canada: 5 (Platinum)
Mexico: 11 (Gold)
Hong Kong: 5 (HMV Store)

Best Rock Band Vote For Best Rock Band Of All-Time
Queen as Best Rock Band of all-time ? Why Not ?!
You can vote for Queen now ! : http://www.votenumber1.com/
Other bands nominated: Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Kiss and more.

QRM - Charts Worldwide QRM - Charts Worldwide
'Queen Rock Montreal's charts after week sales:
Austria: 25
Belgium: 82
Germany: 17
Holland: 70
Ireland: 88
Italy: 1 (DVD), 27 (CD),
Japan: 16
Portugal: 22
Spain: 47
Switzerland: 52
UK: 2 (DVD), 20 (CD)

Q+PR In Studio Q+PR In Studio !
According to The Official Paul Rodgers Website, Brian, Roger and himself are in studio.
Guys are recording new material for their first Q+PR studio album.
Currently there's information that they are sharing one of London's studio.


QRM - UK Charts QRM - UK Charts
New 'Queen Rock Montreal' double CD reached No 20 at UK Charts after one week of sale.
The DVD of 'Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid' is No. 2 and Oasis's 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' crowned DVD charts.
More charts news soon !

Updates Updates
Many new items were added to 'My Collection', for example:
Queen Rock Montreal (CD and DVD), Queen On Fire (LP), Killer / Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (PM Dawn Remix) (CDs) and more...

- InvincibleQueen's 'Queen Rock Montreal Microsite' online !
There you'll find all of QRM's releases (album, single and DVD's!)
Clickhere to enjoy it !

Gold QRM ! QRM - Gold DVD !
Queen Rock Montreal's DVD will receive gold status in Poland !
Before date of release (29th October) over 5,000 copies have been ordered.


New promo singles New promo singles
Queen Productions Ltd. released three new promos last time.
'We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions - 30th Anniversary' released on Promo CD only.
The single is available on ebay, etc with nr cat.: ROCKYOU001 or on Queen Official Download Shop: http://www.queenonline.com/watc30/index.htm

'We Are The Champions (Live)' by Queen + Paul Rodgers taken from 'Super Live In Japan' DVD.
You can download it with Queen Official Download Shop: http://www.7digital.com/stores/productDetail.aspx?shop=14&sid=2530135

On 29th October Queen will release download single 'Keep Yourself Alive (Edit)' taken from forthcoming live LP 'Queen Rock Montreal'.
Just join Queen Official Download Shop: http://www.7digital.com/stores/productDetail.aspx?shop=14&sid=2751209 oraz iTunes.

All mentioned items will be add to 'Discography' section of 'Invincible Queen' website soon !

Queen Rock Multikino Queen Rock Multikino
Queen will rock Polish Multikino cinemas with their forthcoming 'Queen Rock Montreal' release on 24th October, 2007 at 7:00 PM.
You can buy tickets on-line at the Official Multikino Website: www.multikino.pl (Price: 15 PLN, 10 PLN (Student, Nokia Club members and Polish Queen Fan Club Members only).


Powrot do Studio Return To Studio
Queen + Paul Rodgers will return to studio in October, 2007.
Propably they will mix their current records and record new tracks.
It's confirmed that the first QPR studio album will be release early of 2008.

Brian May Z WWRY Brian May To Rock WWRY
This Saturday (29th September) Brian May will perform on the last 'We Will Rock You' Musical's current UK cast.
Rumour is that Brian will join the stage of 'Dominion Theatre' again with new cast on Monday (1st October).


Info Info
I'm so sorry that you haven't seen website's update last time
I would like to inform you that I'm working for some changes (including new name) actually.
Next update coming soon !


Freddie's Birthday Happy birthday Freddie !
Queen's lead vocalist is 61 years old.
There's no plans to celebrate Freddie's birthday this year.
I think Freddie will rock heaven with many his friends ...
Happy birthday Freddie ! We miss You.


Brian's 60 Brian's 60th Birthdays
Our great old Brian May will celebrate his 60th birthdays.
I wish You many great times with Queen in studio and on tour, smile on face, receive 'Dr' name and always good moments with Anita.
We are waiting for You, Roger and Paul in live in Poland (maybe in Spodek Hall in Katowice?)


Queen and Idol Queen and Idol
On 1st August in the Canon Theatre in Toronto will take place special We Will Rock You musical's show.
Brian and Roger will join Canadian WWRY cast during 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and Queen will perform another track with Canadian Idol's finalists.
You can buy tickets on line for that event on Official We Will Rock You Musical Canada Website.


Album and Tour in 2008 Album And Tour In 2008
Paul Rodgers in Billboard.com interview said that he recorded nine songs with Queen.
Q+PR will continue recording sessions in October of 2007 and their album should be released in 2008.
Ex Free and Bad Company's singer described the new material as "interesting" and said he had been fascinated by watching May craft Queen's trademark harmonies.
Paul mentioned of Q+PR tour in 2008 also.


Top Gear Top Gear's Compilation
On 21th May was released 'Top Gear Anthems' 2 CD compilation with Don't Stop Me Now as lead track.
In 2005, this song was voted as 'The Greatest Driving Song Ever' by viewers of the program 'Top Gear'.
The trophy with mis-engraved title 'Stop Me Now' was given to Roger on his yacht.


A Winter's Tour Q+PR: A Winter's Tour
Roger in letter to OIQFC in UK wrote that he wish Q+PR could tour.
The Q+PR tour should start this winter (in the end of 2007 or early of 2008).
Rumours of 2008 tour possibility are going to be truth.
Queen's drummer wrote he loves new songs recorded for first Q+PR album.
Let's finger crossed to Q+PR tour in Winter and to play in my country (Poland).


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5th Birthday of WWRY 5th Birthday of WWRY Musical in London !
Cast of London's 'We Will Rock You Musical' celebrated 5th birthday of WWRY at Dominion Theatre last night.
Queen members (Brian and Roger) joined stage and rocked on 'Bohemian Rhapsody' (guitar solo by Brian only), 'We Are The Champions' and 'The Show Must Go On'.
WWRY London is now booking into 2008.


Brian May May's 24-hour guard from psycho
Brian May was under 24-hour security watch last night after a deranged man announced he was setting off to murder him - then disappeared.

Police are hunting for a schizophrenic who left a letter behind at his home blaming the Queen guitarist for his illness.
He also left disturbing poetry about wanting to kill 59-year-old May. The 28-year-old was last seen on May 2 by
staff from the Highways Agency walking by the M42, close to his home in the West Midlands.


Freddie Freddie on RMF.FM
Listen to Polish RMF.FM Radio since 6 PM on Monday, 9th April 2007.
This day will be special broadcast of biography and music of Freddie Mercury presents by Dariusz Maciborek.
To listen RMF.FM Radio click here.
Special broadcast page of Freddie here.


Download Invincible Hope (MJK Edit) Download 'Invincible Hope (MJK Edit)' !
The first time of 'InvincibleQueen' Website history you are able to download Queen track.
I share with you 'Invincible Hope (MJK Edit)' song performed by Queen + Nelson Mandela.
You can download that song from 'Community' section or clicking here.


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