Invincible Queen
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Absolute Greatest

Data Wydania:
16 listopada 2009
Najwyzsze miejsce w UK:

CD 1:
01 We Will Rock You (May)
02 We Are The Champions (Mercury)
03 Radio Ga Ga (Taylor)
04 Another One Bites The Dust (Deacon)
05 I Want It All (Queen)
06 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury)
07 A Kind Of Magic (Taylor)
08 Under Pressure (Queen, David Bowie)
09 One Vision (Queen)
10 You're My Best Friend (Deacon)
11 Don't Stop Me Now (Mercury)
12 Killer Queen (Mercury)
13 These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Queen)
14 Who Wants To Live Forever (May)
15 Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mercury)
16 Heaven For Everyone (Taylor)
17 Somebody To Love (Mercury)
18 I Want To Break Free (Deacon)
19 The Show Must Go On (Queen)
20 Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)

CD 2:
Komentarze Briana i Rogera do kazdego utworu z pierwszej plyty.
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